How Can you save money on UK rail fares?

In the UK, the fares of rail have raised to 25% since 2011. The rail fares can be especially exorbitant if you travel on inner-city routes at the peak times. It often gets difficult to find the cheapest fares due to the sheer complexity of fares.

Save costs on uk rail fares

We have brought some useful tips for you that will help you cut the cost of rail travel.

Book Ahead

Booking advance tickets right before travel can help you make some savings. Cut-off times differ by the operator; 6 pm or 11.59 are the cut-off times in most cases but sometimes you can purchase advance tickets online with CrossCountry right before 15 minutes of departure.

Take a slower route


Taking a slower route can help you make big savings. For instance, the cost of traveling on the main route can be £190 at the peak time. But if you decide to take the longer route, it will allow you to save £110. In slower route, you’ll have to change trains in Salisbury and it will also take 75 minutes extra than the main route.

Book well ahead

The costs of tickets are cheaper if you buy them earlier. Around 12 weeks before departure, cheapest fixed-time advanced tickets are released by the train companies that are limited. National Rail Chart can help you decide that which company’s tickets can you book in advance. You can also get email alerts by registering with the train line.

Avoid booking fees

There are agents that will charge you some extra fee for online booking which can range from 25p-£1.50. It appears to be a minor amount but being a frequent traveler, it will cost you a lot. You won’t pay any extra fee if you book through the web sites of train operators.

These are the basic strategies that you can use while traveling on rails in the UK.

Important things you need to know about rail travels in the UK

Today we are going to share some valuable information with you about what are the important things that you need consider when traveling on trains in the UK. You’ll not find enough information about this topic on the internet therefore, we’ve brought some helpful information for you after deep research.

Travel Light

You should bring only one bag with you when traveling on UK’s rail network so that you may pick it up. It will allow you to keep an eye on your bag when it is in the overhead racks and it will also be easier for you to carry your bag with you up and down the stairs.

There are some coin-operated lockers where you can easily store your wheel-less bags when you have to stretch your legs.

Sleeper or Couchette

You can save the cost of accommodation if you travel overnight and it will also allow you to reach your destination early in the day. Remember that a “couchette” has shared amenities and four or six bunk beds in it and sleeper compartments have proper bed linen, one, two or three beds, towels, wash basin and toiletries.

Bring an e-reader

If you get bored by the longer journey then you must bring your e-book or tablet with you. Your smart phone can also be a better companion. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy your rail journey.

Transfer time

Generally, transferring from one train to another only requires a few minutes because punctuality matters a lot in the UK but you must allow yourself some time to take some rest if you are on a long journey.

Train ear

When you pass through the tunnels the altitude changes due to the pressure changes and people who have head colds, sensitive ears and sinus infections will find it uncomfortable. If you have any of such issues you may take earplugs with you that are specially designed for trains.

Another common ailment is motion sickness, so you must keep travel sickness medication with you because it isn’t always possible to book forward-facing seats.